Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre members are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and are involved in many areas of research.  Listed below, you will find selected publications by members, related to the activities of the Centre.

Book release: Religion in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis by Salman Al-Azami

Salman Book

Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

eBook ISBN978-1-137-29973-4

Hardcover ISBN978-1-137-29972-7

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This ground-breaking book takes an interdisciplinary approach to language, religion and media using an audience-response study. In this book, the author investigates how the three Abrahamic faiths - Christianity, Judaism and Islam - are represented in mainstream British media and analyses how members of each religious group and those with no religion receive those representations. Employing Critical Discourse Analysis, Al-Azami considers the way the media use their power of language to influence the audience’s perceptions of the three religions through newspaper articles, television documentaries and television dramas. Chapter 3 presents the results of an original investigation into the responses of members of the three religious groups and those with no religion when exposed to those same media materials. The author applies the encoding/decoding model and also considers people’s views in face-to-face interactions compared to comments on online newspapers. Comprehensive in its analysis, this book will be of interest to students of Linguistics, Media Studies, Religious Studies, and Journalism.

About the Author

Salman Al-Azami is Senior Lecturer in English Language at Liverpool Hope University. He previously taught at Edge Hill University and worked as a researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. Dr Al-Azami has published widely on bilingualism and language in education, and has organised an international conference on religion and media.


Publication of paper based on Professorial Lecture by Prof. Solomon Salako

An article based on the public Lecture delivered by Professor Solomon E. Salako  “Forcible Protection of Nationals Abroad and Humanitarian Intervention: Might or Right?” on 27th of April 2016 was recently published in the Journal International Law Research. The details of the publication and link for access to the full article are as follows:

Solomon E.Salako,"Forcible Protection of Nationals Abroad and Humanitarian Intervention : Might or Right ?"International Law Research,Vol.5,No.1,2016 : 152 - 167.


Publication of papers from the 2014 Centre's Annual Conference in Kritika Kultura 

Publication of a selection of papers from the Centre’s annual conference of 2014, ‘Arts and Conflict’, as a section in the journal Kritika Kultura a peer-reviewed journal of literary, language and cultural studies published by Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. The papers have been edited and introduced by Tutu Centre members Antoinette McKane, Zoe Zontou, Terry Phillips and former member Brian Desmond (now at Chester University).  

Please find de journal here 




Book release: EU-US Cooperation on Internal Security


Dimitrios Anagnostakis


This book analyses the cooperation between the European Union and the United States on internal security and counter-terrorism since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 
In particular, four areas of cooperation are examined: customs and supply chain security; judicial cooperation (the mutual legal assistance and extradition agreements); law enforcement cooperation (the Europol-US agreements); and the EU-US agreements for the sharing of air passengers’ data (PNR agreements). These cases are analysed through a conceptual framework based on the theories of international regimes, with the data being drawn from an extensive documentary analysis of media sources collected through the 'Nexis' database, official documents, and from 13 semi-structured elite interviews with US and EU officials. The book argues that the EU and the US have established a transatlantic internal security regime based on shared principles, norms, rules, and interests. While at the beginning of this process the EU had a more reactive and passive stance at the later stages both the EU and the US were active in shaping the transatlantic political agenda and negotiations. The book demonstrates how the EU has had a much more proactive role in its relations with the US than has often been assumed in the current literature.
This book will be of much interest to researchers and students of EU policy, foreign policy, international security and IR in general.
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Book Dimitrios