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Women in Peace and Conflict Conference March 4th 2015

BISA logo Thursday 18 December 2014

Women in Peace and Conflict 2015, organised to celebrate International Women’s Day will bring together established academics, practitioners and postgraduate students with a view to identifying the historical and contemporary involvement of women in peace and conflict. Globally women are on the fringe, from the global gender pay gap and the devaluing of “feminine” labour to a critical lack of access to education, health care and gender specific violence.

Women are at the forefront of conflict and violence from the domestic to international arenas. Theoretically and empirically unpacking historical involvement, narratives and potential future opportunities, the conference aims to reflect on involvement and enhance visibility of women in peace and conflict. This interdisciplinary conference invites papers from academics, practitioners and in particular postgraduate research students that identify with the historical, contemporary and potential future involvement of women in peace and conflict.

The conference invites papers on the themes of:

Historical analysis of women’s involvement in past conflicts including front line activities, anti-war campaigns and pacifist activism

Analysis of women’s involvement in all aspects of peace and conflict

Assessment of future directions of women in peace and conflict

Gender dimensions of violence in conflict

Analysis of literary narratives of women in peace and conflict

For individual papers or poster presentations please submit an abstract of 150 words with a 100 biography. For panel proposals, with three speakers, please suggest a panel title and chair along with details of the three abstracts. Please submit applications by 10th February 2015. 

Please send abstracts  and queries to Susan Forde: