Past Conferences

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre has organised several conferences in the past few years:


Conference on Sport - posterConference on Sport, Conflict and Reconciliation

28 April 2012
Organised by Dr Michael Holmes, Dr Liam O'Callaghan and Dr Joel Rookwood

As the UK prepared for a year of celebrating sports with London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre decided to mark this national event by providing a reflection on the relations between sport and conflict.

Sport can be both a source of conflict and a means of promoting reconciliation and peace-building. This one-day conference examined theoretical debate and practical approaches to the role of sport in relation to conflict and conflict resolution. Panels included topics on "Sport and Conflict", "Sport and reconciliation – the state and inter-state level" and "Sport and reconciliation – grass-roots interpretations".

This event was supported by the "Playing for Peace" exhibition lent by the Peace Museum in Bradford.

For more details about this event, the conference programme and to see the abstracts of all the papers presented, please see our conference report (Sport, Conflict and Reconciliation)

Please have a look at our Working Paper Series No.1 on Sport, Conflict and Reconciliation.


Paying for PeaceExhibition: "Playing for Peace"

23rd - 28th April 2012

During the week preceding the Conference on Sport, Conflict and Reconciliation, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre displayed the "Playing for Peace" exhibition in partnership with the Peace Museum. The exhibition was officially opened by Professor Pillay on 23 April.

This touring exhibition is the result of the collaboration between Coventry University's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies (CPRS) and the Peace Museum. It celebrates the role of sport in bringing together international communities and focuses on occasions in history when sport has played a crucial role in promoting peace, with a particular emphasis on the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Peace Museum logoThis project has been awarded an exclusive Olympic Truce "Inspire Mark" which recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For more information about the exhibition visit the Peace Museum website.



Poster conference June 2011

Conference on Post-conflict, Peace-building and Reconstruction in Societies Emerging from Conflict

17-18 June 2011

This conference addressed theoretical perspectives on peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction, the role of gender, civil society, community building and local ownership in peace-building, and the cost of conflict and its aftermath.  For more details, see the Conference programme.





Poster conference July 2010Conflict, Memory and Memorialisation: War and European Culture in the Twentieth Century

17-18 July 2010

This international colloquium examined questions of conflict and memory, focusing on the legacies within Europe of the two global conflicts of the twentieth century and their mythologisation through processes of memorialisation. The principal aim was to explore how music, literature and other arts have mediated the experience of war and shaped historical consciousness in these contexts: this informed a continuing analysis of the way individual and collective memories have changed and developed over time, and their significance for the on going formation and articulation of identities in European societies and cultures. The keynote address was open to members of the public and was given by Professor Jay Winter, Charles J. Stille Professor of History at Yale University.

For more information consult the Programme (Conference on Conflict, Memory and Memorialisation)

The abstracts of the papers delivered during the conference are also available: Abstracts (Conference on Sport, Conflict and Reconciliation)


Conference on the Cost of War

17-19 June 2009

This was the first International Conference organised by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies.

This conference addressed the costs of war, seeking to examine them in full scope, across a range of disciplines, and perspectives. The conference examined this concept as a worldwide issue with some specific emphases drawn from the Middle East, and examined the impact on governments, military command structures, and individual soldiers around the world.

As many of the addresses illustrated, the costs do not simply add; they multiply, as individual costs exacerbate each other in a vicious circle that can yield outcomes as unpredictable as they are explosive. They are nonetheless ineffectively remembered and have not tended to guide future government policy or action effectively. Keynote Addresses were delivered by Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan, USA: and the writer Jean Said Makdisi of the Lebanese Republic.

See the Programme (The Cost of War) for full details, including keynote addresses, plenary lectures and workshops.

Call for Papers

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