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Makin Lecture: 'Holocaust memory in the Digital Age'

Anne Frank Book Monday 14 April 2014

The Tutu Centre hosted Liverpool Hope’s 2014 Makin Lecture. This year's Makin Lecturer was Dr Ronald Leopold, Director of the Anne Frank Foundation (and house) in Amsterdam. His public lecture will be on "Holocaust memory in the Digital Age". The lecture took place on 8 May 2014 at 5.30pm in the Eden Lecture Theatre. 

Since its publication in 1947, the diary of Anne Frank has inspired millions of people all around the world, as has the exhibition at the Anne Frank House. But inspired them to what exactly? A brief look at the history of how the diary has been received over the past 65 years reveals that we can better reverse the question: what has it not inspired? From teenagers coming of age to the campaign against whaling, from development aid for girls in Nepal to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa: Anne is everywhere. Should we not offer Anne Frank some form of protection against over-enthusiastic use as a source of inspiration? Or should we in fact promote it, for the sake of better people and a better world? 

In order to watch this year's Makin Lecture, we have made the video available for everyone