Lecture and Seminar Series

In order to build up the culture of exchange between the members of the Centre, and with a view to developing long-term internal collaboration on research and postgraduate teaching, a programme of monthly seminars was held in 2011-2012.  Members of the Centre presented work in progress and welcomed discussion from students, members of staff or members of the public who had an interest in the topic.

Details of these seminars, and other previous seminar series and lectures hosted by the Tutu Centre can be found below.


Programme for the academic year 2011-12:

You can also find a summary of the seminars in this series.
Lecture: 'Enter the Dragon: Chinese Peacebuilding in Africa'
Mr Steven Kuo
Thursday 3 May 2012, 2pm in LTC-B
'Negotiating Peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Resistance against the Transformation of Public Space'
Dr Stefanie Kappler
Wednesday 25 April 2012, 2pm FML 058
"The Most Important Thing in the World": Food and its Role in Global Conflict
Dr Bryce Evans
Thursday 22 March 2012, 1pm FML 058
'Nigeria's violent crises and potential political and socio-economic implications for the rest of the world'
Dr Musa Aliyu
Thursday 15 March 2012, 1pm FML 058
'Buddhism and Post-War Reconciliation in Sri Lanka'
Dr Liz Harris
Thursday 16 February 2012, 1pm FML 058
'The First World War in Recent Northern Irish Poetry'
Dr Terry Phillips
Thursday 12 January 2012, 1pm FML 058
'The Challenges of Post Conflict Reconstruction in Liberia: Lessons Learnt'
Prof Nick Rees
Thursday 8 December 2011, 1pm FML 058
'Religious Conflict in Nigeria'
Dr Musa Aliyu
Thursday 17 November 2011, 1pm FML 058
'An Atrocity Story of the First World War: Edith Wharton's "Coming Home"'
Dr William Blazek
Thursday 20 October 2012, 1pm FML 058
'Avoiding Armageddon'
Professor Roberts
Wednesday 5th October 2011

Public Lectures Spring 2011

'Arms Conversion for a Sustainable Society'
Dr Stuart Parkinson, Executive Director, Scientists For Global Responsibility
31st March 2011, 5pm AJB007
'The use and abuse of military history'
Dr Ian Speller, Department of History, NUI, Maynooth
24th February 2011, 5pm AJB007
'The Time and Space of Disenchantment: First World War novel series in the 1920s'
Dr Andrew Frayn, University of Manchester
3rd February 2011, 5pm AJB007
'Afghanistan: A Rocky Road to Nowhere?'
Dr Stuart Gordon, Senior Lecturer, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst
27th January 2011, 5pm AJB007
'EU - Asian Relations: the human rights dimension'
Professor Georg Wiessela, Professor of International Relations at the University of Central Lancashire


Research Seminar Series, 2009-10: "Protest and Democracy"

"Factory Girls Looking Like Actresses: Class, Gender and the Americanisation of Britain in the Twentieth Century"
Professor Paul Ward, University of Huddersfield
11 February 2010, 12:30-1:30 pm FML 200
"Business embattled: business, protest and democracy?"
Professor Mick Moran, WJM Mackenzie Professor of Government,University of Manchester
14 January 2010. FML 415
"A Hopeless Case of Optimism? Juergen Kuczynski and the end of the GDR, 1987-1990"
Dr Matthew Stibbe, Sheffield Hallam University
8 December 2009 1.00-2:00 pm. (Room TBA)
"Learning How to be an Active Citizen in Dublin's Docklands: The Significance of Informal Processes"
Dr Marianne Breen, School of Community Studies, NCI Dublin
17 November 2009. FML 415
"Drowned like Rats: The Sinking of the Arandora Star off Bloody Foreland, Donegal July 1940"
Professor Michael Kennedy, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin
12 November 2009. FML 122
"A Chaos Model of Post-War Iraq: implications for Sustainable Reconciliation"
Prof. Frank Wood
27 October 2009, 12:30-1:30 FML 123

Research Seminar Programme 2008/09

"Trench Vision: Imagining the Western Front in Anglo-American Writing"
Dr. William Blazek, English Department, Liverpool Hope University, Sr. Mary Linscott Fellowship Lecture
11th November 2008, 5pm in AJB007
"Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies Preventing Terrorism"
Dr. Garry Hinkle, Head of Security & Counterterrorism
4th November 2008, 5pm in AJB007
"A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Suicide Bombing"
Mr. Paul Gill, Department of Politics, University College Dublin
28th October 2008, 5pm in AJB007

Research Seminar Programme 2007/08

"The Absence of Defiance in Social Psychology"
Dr. Mark Burgess, Oxford Brookes University
16th January 2008, 5pm in AJB007
"We Refuse to be Enemies: Israeli and Palestinians Join Together to Rebuild Palestinian Homes Demolished by Israeli Bulldozers"
Jeff Halper & Salim Shawamreh, Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions
23rd November 2007, 6pm in LTC-B*
"Football Hooliganism, Policing and the War on the 'English Disease'"
Dr. Clifford Stott, University of Liverpool
21st November 2007, 5pm in AJB007
"Religious Discrimination and Hatred Law"
Neil Addison, Religion Law UK
30th October 2007, 5pm in AJB007
"Al-Qaeda, the Koran and the Politics of Terrorism"
Dr. Niaz Shah, University of Hull
24th October 2007, 5pm in AJB007
"Just War Theory in Crisis"
Dr. Andrew Sola, European Division of the University of Maryland
23rd October 2007, 5pm in AJB007

Research Seminar Programme 2006/07

Lecture: "Is There Any Alternative to Pardon and Peace?"
27 March 2007
The Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling, the Dean of Chichester
Lecture: "From War to Peace: Muslim and Christian Reconciliation in Nigeria"
7 December 2006
Imam Muhammad Ashafa, the Imam of Kaduna, and the Rev. James Movel Wuye, Joint Directors of the Inter-Faith Mediation Centre in Kaduna, Nigeria.
More details about these two lectures can be found here.
"No war, no peace: Why do so many peace processes fail?"
Dr. Roger Mac Ginty, University of York
22nd November 2006, 5pm in AJB009
"The conflict in Northern Ireland: Young people's ideas about war, peace, and forgiveness"
Prof. Ed Cairns, Centre for the Study of Conflict, University of Ulster
21st November 2006, 1pm in AJB011
"Global responses to global threats: Sustainable security for the 21st Century"
Prof. John Sloboda, Oxford Research Group & Keele University
15th November 2006, 5pm in AJB009
"Mao Meets the Buddha: Chinese Policy in Tibet"
Prof. Robbie Barnett, University of Columbia
9th November 2006, 5 pm in LTC-L
"Memories of the Future: Political perspectives of former combatants in Northern Ireland"
Prof. Jim McAuley, University of Huddersfield
1st November 2006, 5pm in AJB009

Dr Kate Flynn's Colombian Talks

Dr Flynn has been giving two talks in Colombia. Both are based on her experience in Cyprus and part of developing a broader critique of foreign aid and peace-building.

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