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Call for Chapters for an edited volume: 'Mass media and the Genocide of the Armenians'

War and Peace Studies Thursday 28 November 2013


We are looking for contributions to an edited volume entitled ‘Mass media and the Genocide of the Armenians: One Hundred Years of Uncertain Representation’.

The book aims to provide an examination of the place and role of the mass media (press, radio, TV, internet) in the knowledge and recognition of the crime committed against the Armenian civilian population of the Ottoman Empire. To this end, it will investigate the phenomenon from a long term perspective by taking into account three specific periods:

  • the pre-genocidal period that preceded the events, namely the Hamidian massacres in the 1890s and those of Adana in 1909;
  • the period of the genocide , when the radical events of 1915-1916 led to the extermination of the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire ;
  • the post-genocidal period, which saw the establishment of a collective memory and significant developments in the definition and conceptualisation of genocide within the international public sphere since 1965.

For more information please see the Call for Papers Collective Volume.

Please e-mail proposed chapter abstracts of 500 words by by Saturday 1st March 2014 to both:


Richard Godin


and Stefanie Kappler: