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Members of the centre

Dr Catalina Montoya Londono

Lecturer in International Relations

Main research interests: Media-state relationships and conflict/peace building.

E: montoyc@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Salman Al-Azami

Senior Lecturer in English Language

Main research interests: Bilingualism/Multilingualism, Multilingualism in Education, Multilingualism and Multiculturalism, Language, Religion and the Media, Language of Advertisement, South Asian Popular Culture

E: alazams@hope.ac.uk

Dr Gary Anderson

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Main research interests: Activism as Performance, Performance and the Domestic, the Family as an Activist Unit, Performing Social Justice, Live Art and Cultural Agency, Performance as Cultural Intervention, Cultural Activism, Unionism and Performance

E: andersg@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Jasna Balorda

Lecturer in Sociology

Main research interests: My field of research is focused around the complex relationships between modernity and violence, including modern genocide, colonialism and post-colonialist tendencies as well as the new totalitarianisms of modern Europe and the West, which I analyse mainly in relation to neo-liberal capitalism.

E: balordj@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Silvia Battista

Lecturer in Theatre & Performance Studies

E: battiss@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Sarah Black-Frizell

Lecturer in Dance, Department of Dance, Drama and Performance Studies

E: blacks@hope.ac.uk 

Dr William Blazek

Associate Professor of American Literature

Main research interests: Modernism, Literature of the First World War, American Literature, Mythology and the Novel, Technology and Culture.

E: blazekw@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Clionagh Boyle

Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Early Childhood

E: boylec1@hope.ac.uk 

Rev. Tony Bradley

Professional Tutor in Business

Email: bradlet@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Ruth Canning

Lecturer in Early Modern History

Research Interests: Sixteenth-century Ireland and Anglo-Irish relations. Current research examines the socio-political impact of war on identity formation amongst Ireland's minority Old English population during the Nine Years' War (1594-1603)

E: canninr@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Anthony Cawley

Lecturer in Communication

Main research interests: News-Media Framing of Foreign Aid Budgets, Conflict, Political Economy of Media.

E: cawleya@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Guy Cuthbertson

Associate Professor of English Literature

Main research interests: the First World War, Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Places and Exploration, Welsh Writing in English, Biography and Autobiography, Edward Thomas, Wilfred Owen.

E: cuthbeg@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Bryce Evans

Associate Professor of Modern History

Main research interests: Food Supply in Wartime; Peace and Conflict in Modern Irish History; Comparative National Economic Histories of the Second World War; Commemoration, Historical Memory and Identity; War and Peace in the Balkan Peninsula.

E: evansb1@hope.ac.uk 

Prof. Neil Ferguson

Professor of Psychology

Main research interests: Moral Development, the Impact of Political Violence on Children, Adolescents and Adults, Peace Building and Challenging Violence, Conflict in Northern Ireland.

E: fergusn@hope.ac.uk 

Ms Ailsa Fidler

Professional Tutor in the Primary Foundation Curriculum, Faculty of Education

E: fidlera@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Lynn Hilditch

Independent Researcher

Main research interests: The Second World War, Representations of the Holocaust in the Visual Arts, Aesthetics, History of War Photography and Photojournalism, Gender and War, Memorialization.

E: hilditl@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Taras Khomych

Lecturer in Theology

E: khomyct@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Dominika Kurek-Chomycz

Lecturer in New Testament Studies

Main research interests: Children and Families, Pupils' Identities, Post conflict Education practice and Refugee Education.

E: kurekcd@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Antoinette McKane

Lecturer in Museum and Heritage Studies

Main research interests: inter-related disciplines of Museum Studies and Art History, social and political roles of museums, critical analyses of museum interpretation and education practices, and the role of museums in neoliberal processes of urban change.

E: mckanea@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Jacqui Miller

Principal Lecturer in Film History

Main research interests: Film history and theory, especially the relationship between film, history and culture, film noir as a transculturated form, and American cinema's ideological global domination.

E: millerj@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Liam O'Callaghan

Lecturer in Health

Main research interests: The social and cultural history of Irish and British sport, Sport and national identity, Sport and class, The social and cultural history of 19th and 20th century Ireland.

E: ocallal@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Terry Phillips

Chair of the International Advisory Board and Honorary Research Fellow in English

Main research interests: First world War, Irish Literature, Literature and Conflict.

E: phillim@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Simon Podmore

Senior Lecturer in Theology

Main research interests: Philosophical and systematic theology.

E: podmors@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Anthony Ridge Newman

Lecturer in Digital Media

Main research interests: My interdisciplinary expertise in media and politics is largely associated with the study of political communication, political organisation and digital media. My research in these areas tends to take mixed methods approaches that are influenced by archival, textual, ethnographic and quantitative methodologies. I am the convenor and vice-chair of two PSA specialist groups.

E: ridgena@hope.ac.uk 

Rev. Dr Yazid Said

Lecturer in Islam, Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Main research interests: His research is focused on medieval Muslim political and legal thought and on Christian-Muslim theological encounters, with reference to the manner in which Greek philosophical thought was appropriated in both Christian and Muslim texts.

E: saidy@hope.ac.uk 

Professor Solomon Salako

Professorial Fellow

Main research interests: Ethics, Philosophy, International Biomedical Law, Biotechnology and International Law, Human Rights and International Relations.

E: salakos@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Natalia Vibla

Lecturer in Criminology

Main research interests: Justice and human rights, security and global criminality, governance and international development.

Email: viblan@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Kathrin Wagner

Senior Lecturer in Art History

Main research interests: ecclesiastical art from northern Europe (14-16th century); artists and migration in early modern times and political photography.

E: wagnerk@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Zoe Zontou

Lecturer in Drama

Main research interests: socially-engaged art, personal narratives and advocacy, arts and health, ethics of participatory arts, performance and addiction.

E: zontouz@hope.ac.uk 

Mr Tony Smith

Professional Tutor and Programme Leader in Fine Art

Main research interests: painting and curating and my role at Liverpool Hope involves teaching full time on the BA Honours in Fine Art. I am also the curator of The Cornerstone Gallery and Cornerstone Festival for Fine and Applied Art at Liverpool Hope.

E: smitht@hope.ac.uk 

Muhammad Siddiq

PDFT in HRM, Liverpool Hope Business School

Dr Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne

Senior Lecturer in Law, Liverpool Hope School of Lawl

Dr Gavin Hart

Lecturer in Criminology, School of Social Sciences

Dr Angelica Rutherford

Lecturer of Law, Liverpool Hope School of Law

E: ruthera1@hope.ac.uk

Dr Babs Anderson

Senior Lecturer Early Childhood, School of Education Senior Academic Adviser (SSAA)

E: andersb@hope.ac.uk 

Dr Demet Caltekin

Lecturer in Law

E: caltekd@hope.ac.uk